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Blessed to have a partner who will always support me.

Blessed to have a partner who will always support me.

This weekend was glorious and I witnessed a lot of special moments. The various dance groups (shout out to Alex Wells & family, the Git Hayetsk Dancers, and the Louis Riel Métis Dancers) were phenomenal and I really recommend checking them out if they’re in your area.

However, I was a wee bummed at the turn out for some events. And sort of disappointed at the attitudes of individuals who stopped by our community table on Saturday. First there was the girl who made the statement of “I’m Métis but as you can tell I don’t look it” … Excuse me? I know it’s just ignorance but it hurts me to hear those words. And then the girl who argued she was “part Métis” and only proud of her Danish heritage. I dunno. I guess I might be reacting unreasonably but I’ve just heard such negative attitudes lately within the Métis community that I’m getting exhausted. I mean, our own jiggers were so insecure that we had to back out of performing this weekend. I really hope to instill some confidence in them before I leave at the end of August or else I don’t know where they’re headed…

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An excellent video by PSAC to help settlers catch up on what we as indigenous people are facing here in Canada.

So I was frolicking around in the Metis tag for the first time in forever and came across this video which is awesome AND has my older cousin in it!

These are the days when I wished I had someone to just decompress some of the bullshit with. Someone who has a shred of a clue as to what it’s like navigating this society. I really wish I just had another close indigenous friend to have these conversations with.

Lately I’ve heard a bunch of problematic and annoying remarks regarding Métis and identity..

I’m just really peeved, folks.

Hummingbird #1 for my moccasins.

Hummingbird #1 for my moccasins.

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Indigenous youth have so much to say and so very little opportunity to say what they need to say, and also have those feelings validated and affirmed by their community.

THIS. I’ve even heard grumbling about the funding we receive… That we APPLY for. It’s there and I will be damned if I’ll let it dwindle instead of utilizing it so that our youth gain the knowledge and experiences to stand up even taller.

I was reading a post earlier today (I can’t find it now cause I’m only on my phone) but anyways… The post made mention of Métis from the East not being accepted by groups of other Métis, specifically Red River. Now, in my experience the problem is more directed to the Nations definition in the East. Many mixed members identify as metis regardless of actual ancestry. What I mean is, if a First Nations woman had a child with a Non-Native in recent history that child would be referred to as metis even though they aren’t.. I cannot even count how many times I was asked which of my parents were native when I was living in Ottawa fully aware that they meant Status. There’s this weird thing happening with the Non-Native community that says Métis are not native..

That being said, I would never call someone out for identifying as Métis nor would I shun them from a Métis space. The only trouble is when it comes to roots and culture.

I’m not making any sense really… I’ll just conclude with the fact that I am a Métis woman, however, my younger sister is Status Tsimshian. If someone decided to suggest she identify as Metis due to our father being a Non-Native this would cause frustration and confusion… She is not métis because she’s mixed.

Abuse of Cree Elder in Prince George, B.C.

Looking for Metis Community resources!

Hey, anyone out there have some knowledge or examples of Metis communities that are relatively active and successful outside of Federal funds? Myself and another youth are looking into ways to bring our community some consistency and ways to offer programming without depending on the Federal governments funding.

So yeah, help or advice would be appreciated!